Sports Fundraiser: Get Those Funds From A Miniature Golf Tournament

If you are looking for both a fun and innovative fundraiser idea that will help you raise a lot of funds for your sports team, then you may want to strongly golf tournament fund raising consider planning a miniature golf tournament. This type of fundraiser idea offers a really amusing activity that kids as well as their parents will truly enjoy. In addition, the money that you will be able to earn from this can be used for different things such as for new sports equipment and uniforms.

Let’s look at the basic outline of how you can properly set the game plan for your sports fundraiser. First and foremost, you need to create a group of volunteers who will help you with the setup of your fundraising event. It’s a fact that doing an event without help is nearly impossible to achieve. With this, you need to gather up some people aside from the members of your team so that you can have people to help you go through the challenges of doing a fundraising campaign. Once you build your solid team of volunteers, the next thing that you need to pay attention to would be the location of your event. You need to call up different local miniature golf courses in your community so that you can see if any of them would be willing enough to donate their golf course for a few hours so that they can support a worthy cause. If nobody wants to offer their place for free, you can try asking them to offer you reduced rates. Anyway, the owner of the place will get some pretty good publicity during your event because you will most definitely have a large number of participants and spectators drop by to take part in your fun activity.

After you set the location for your event, the next thing you need to do is to choose a fundraising plan. A good idea for you to try out would be to have children get lots of contributors to sign up so that they can pay a certain amount money for every single point a kid is under par. Be sure that you set the par to a good and reasonable number based on the age bracket and skills of the children who will be taking part in the game. Another cool idea that you can consider doing would be asking contributors to pay per hole that’s played. Once you set things straight with regards to how you’re going to get the funds that you need, you can jump to the next step which is advertising. It is imperative that you make sure that a lot of people from your community are going to attend your fundraising event. Put up posters, flyers, and compose a good press release so that you can get everybody interested on what you have prepared.