Drying Drywall After Water Damage

There are a few steps one could take in order to dry drywall after water damage. Make sure you follow each step properly as it could save you a bigger headache in the end.

First, you need to note where the problem is. Look for all of the effected areas that were damaged by the water. Some things to look for are discoloration or soft areas. Make sure you look both on the ceilings and the walls, as the water can drip from the pipes above and damage the ceilings as well. If you are not sure where the effected area is make sure that you contact a Drywall Contractor Sacramento, as they can point out what reas need to be repaired.


You will need two essential items for the next step, a dehumidifier and a high intense fan. You need to cut out the damaged dry wall and get the air moving through the opened area. The high intense fan will help this process along. If you do not own a fan, you can find them at your local hardware store or rent them from a few different companies. You will also need a dehumidifier to extract the moisture from the walls. Make sure you keep your eye on this process, as many problems can result if you do not. If the area is not properly dried, then mold can form, and essentially turn into a very costly project. If there is still wetness after twelve hours, you may need to cut more drywall out to more air can get in. Make sure this drying process is done correctly, as it is a very important step.

Next, you will need new drywall and studs to replace the old ones. Make sure everything is dried out before you proceed to this step. Depending on the size of the water damaged spot, you may need to put up a plywood backer board onto the studs to hold the new drywall. Try to get water resistant drywall to nail in. Also, if the water damage was close to the floor, you may want to leave a little area to protect the drywall from being damaged again.

Lastly, sand down your drywall to make it smooth and even with the rest of the wall. You can use drywall tape between the new drywall and the rest of the wall to make it more even. This tape can be found at any local hardware store. Once the drywall blends in with the rest of the wall, paint it to match and you are finished.

If you follow these steps above, you will be able to repair your water damaged walls on your own.

Vic Roberts is Vice President and Co-Owner of Right Way Restoration. Right Way is an IICRC restoration company based in Atlanta, Ga. but provides services nationwide throughout the continental United States. Right Way specializes in water restoration, mold remediation, fire and smoke restoration, sewage cleanup, trauma and crime scene cleanup, odor restoration, disaster relief, flood damage cleanup, storm damage cleanup, and emergency response.